Inspired by a girl I used to work with who recently completed the Whole30 and hit her milestone of losing 50 pounds, I am going to do the Whole30 (well, realistically the Whole27 + Tday + 3) starting tomorrow Nov 1. I’ve been thinking about it for awhile, and it’s just too easy to say, “I’ll start next week; I have a happy hour” or “I’m going on vacation in a few weeks… I should wait.” So, another guy at work and I decided that we would just jump right in and do it.

His goal is to kickstart a significant amount of weight-loss, mine is a little softer.

I have gained about 4lbs since my relationship ended in August and, though that doesn’t seem like much, I’m going into the winter and I know it will escalate if left unchecked. Additionally, next year is an Ironman year  and I want to make sure that I have my nutrition in order before I start significant training so I can set myself up for success & learn how to do my nutrition based on whole foods and not gels/blocks/etc. I know a lot of people who have looked into having the ideal racing weight, and that is something that I’m keeping in the outside of my mind. I calculated that value before my last Ironman, and I think I’m about 12lbs off from ideal (I’m official 143.4 as of this morning, but need to recalculate my body-fat), so if I get going on that now, it will be easier to maintain throughout the year.

So, the Whole30... it’s a very restrictive 30 day plan to change the way that you look at food, especially grains, legumes, and sugar. It’s going to be TOUGH, but not necessarily because of what foods you can/can’t eat, but rather the focus on non-processed, non-prepared foods. I frequently am running around as well only cooking for one person, so I find it hard to commit to cooking. With this plan, I’m going to have to make the effort for myself, which I think is a good lesson as well. Other potential roadblocks ahead include a trip to Vegas for my marathon in a few weeks. While running a marathon will reduce the typical debauchery, it will still be hard to eat well in a land of buffets & alcohol. It will be a good challenge and I’m excited to see what happens to my body and my mind over the next 30 days!

We decided to commit yesterday, so today we both tip-toed into it. I drank only black coffee (realizing that our work coffee is too acidic and burnt tasting, so I had to go out for one), and had my greek yogurt (not allowed, but in my fridge and will expire in under 30 days) with only a banana and not the granola I usually have. Lunch is a good-bye event for one of my employees, so I think it won’t fit the plan, but dinner I will recommit and go head first into my days!

I’ll try to update this as I’m going to attempt to do some good cooking and it’s better to put it out there, even if it’s not being read by anyone but me 🙂