Tiger Half-blood? Whole 30 Days 11-19

So, been a bit too busy at work to remember to write on this, and since I have about 0 views, it’s really more for me than anyone else so I’ll allow it 🙂

Since last week, I’ve had one 1 technical foul on the Whole 30 and 2 close-calls. According to the “rules,” I should be restarting, or I can’t call myself someone who has completed the Whole30. I think I’m ok with that and I’ll just say it’s a good 30 day lesson that I’m learning 🙂

How I cheated? We were showing my future parents-in-law a place that we want to have our rehearsal dinner/welcome reception. It happens to be a wine bar, and I had a taster of a glass of wine. It got me drunk (1 glass! Crazy!) and now I know what will happen with alcohol again.

One other thing I learned in this past week is that the “I just want a nap” phase is real, and it’s horrible. Right after I posted my last post, I tried to go for a 3-4 mile run in my neighborhood. I barely made it 2 miles before I had to throw in the towel. I was beyond sluggish and super slow. I got back home and had to eat a Larabar immediately (my fiancee said that I looked pale). Luckily, I’m not training for anything (at all), so my mediocre athletic performance isn’t hurting anything. Lesson I am learning — if I’m to switch to a lot of this beyond 30 days, I’m going to have to up the amount that I eat and add in some sort of additional protein bar before or after a workout.

Since that point, on Sunday (Day 14) we did a really big ride and I ate 3 larabars within the ride and felt good and we rode really hard. Did track on Day 16 and also did fine. Today (day 19), I am starving post OTF but trying to not succumb to a snack.

I’m not getting that bored with the cooking, but I am getting angry that I can’t just “have a taste” of some of the goodies that sometime come into the office. I get that I don’t want to cheat, but I think that post 30 days, I should be allowed to ‘try’ something, but know that everything is ok in moderation, right?

Anyway, to my other questions to check-in:

What did I eat? Too many days to write everything, but I’m still doing a lot of sausage/sweet potato/egg/avocado breakfasts and still loving those and not missing bread (too much). Lunches, I’ve actually had 2 salads from local places that were compliant which was nice to mix-up. Also did a little turkey roll-ups and some tuna that weren’t bad. Dinners, we’ve done the sausage dinner again, as well as some salmon, etc. We seem to have  protein rotation that is keeping it quasi-interesting. We did make the recipe to the left and it was really good! Will definitely make again post 30 days!

Did I workout?  Yep, discussed above. Still glad I’m not that intense right now… definitely don’t have my fueling sorted out for the future.

How do I feel? Generally, still really good. I am great continuing, but I see how this can’t be sustainable. I also got a great compliment by some people at track on Tuesday about how good/skinny I look, so that was nice to hear!

What am I looking forward to? Well, we are doing a lot of painting and enjoying this weekend, so I’m looking forward to figuring out how to make that all work with this Whole 30 thing…


Today is supposed to be the day I quit the Whole 30

So, reading the Whole30 timeline, most people quit on Day 10. However, I’m feeling pretty solid and don’t plan on quitting any time soon… Do I still want a cookie? Yes. Did Ben’s orgo cheerios smell so f-ing good that I almost told myself that just one sugar/cinnamon bite wouldn’t kill me? For sure. Does my free dunkin donuts iced coffee coupon call to me each time I open my inbox — hells yeah.  But, are these just small things vs. the overall program and feeling that I’m immersed in right now?


So for that reason, I’m still all good.

Days 8-10 

What did I eat? Still more eggs and that chicken sausage as well as a pretty awesome foil-pack grilled dinner of veggies, shrimp, and more


I also went out for lunch for the first time in ages and had to be that person who asked to have no dressing on her salad and got details on how the protein was prepared. It was dry, but still flavorful… probably won’t waste dollars on eating out much more as it wasn’t as fulfilling as most work lunches.

Did I work-out? Took off Monday after all of the racing/biking, and feeling sluggish that I think is more exercise induced than food induced. Today I’ll run outside, so that should be interesting to see on Strava.

How do I feel? Generally good. A bit extra hungry yesterday after OTF, but I’ll watch that closer today.

What am I looking forward to for tomorrow? Making it to Day 11 successfully! It will happen!

Days 4-7: Getting a routine (of temptation)

So, I’m post-dinner on Day 7, so I guess that means I’m a successful week in!?

There were two rough points in 4 days: First when we went for a very fun bike ride in Lair O’the Bear and I forgot to bring  a Larabar and bonked with about 4 miles to go. Second when Ben’s brother brought over a 2003 Gundlach Bundshu Merlot (the 4 of us had gone to that winery two years ago on a trip). Admittedly, I did have a small sip because I really wanted to try — but i didn’t ‘drink’ the wine. I just tried it (it was amazing and a glass would have been lovely). Anyway, onward.

Days 4-7

What did I eat? A lot of eggs and chicken sausage and avocado. A good amount of Larabars & bananas (we did a lot of exercise!)…  Dinner on Sat night was a great recipe I found on Pinterest and Sunday night was Spaghetti Squash with Turkey Bolgenese.

Did I work out? YES. A LOT! 12+ miles mountain biking, 20 miles road biking, and a 6.5 mile race (8:04 pace) with a 3 mile walk and 3 mile cool-down/pacing with Laura. Felt strong, but was TOTALLY hungry after the race and pissed they didn’t have anything Whole30 compliant.

How do I feel? Still strong/mostly full/content… obviously the two exceptions above, but I’m not doing too bad. I kinda want sushi and I still love/miss something sweet after dinner, but one week in! Can do it!

What am I looking forward to for tomorrow? a day off of workouts, i think… I love having a workout streak, but my muscles are sore! That and all the fruit we bought at the store!

Day 2-3 Whole 30. No Hangover Yet!

After I posted my attempt the other day, a friend at work shared the “official Whole30 Timeline” which I consumed quickly and started to make mental notes of what was to come in my endeavor.

I’m now midway through Day 3 and I haven’t yet had the hangover so I’m not sure if that means it will come tomorrow, or if I’ll just launch into being an angry-angry woman who wants to “Kill all the Things” even more aggressively. (For my fiancees sake, I’ll hope no.)

Here’s the quick answers:

e7e4e7207ba6962963cba514e5799409Day 2.3. 

What did I eat today? More eggs & guac (breakfasts) + Sweet potato this morning (AMAZING). More Chicken Sausage… and last night, our stuffed peppers (which I’ll eat again for lunch tomorrow).

Did I work out? Yes – OTF today and treadmill yesterday. Still recovering from the marathon, but went well.

How do I feel? Pretty solid. Ben really wanted something sweet last night, but I held strong and didn’t even look at him eating those chocolate chips.

What am I looking forward to for tomorrow? To see how I survived the Rapids game tonight and the beer/pizza/socialness.


Attempt 2: Whole 30

So, I’m trying the whole30 again. Obviously the last time didn’t go so well — as I had only 1 post. This time because I’m getting married in September and want to do what I can before I start to get dress fittings, and also to break myself of my love for all things sugar. I know that I’m too busy to really “blog” about the experience, but I figured I’ll do a quick running quiz of how I’m feeling and what I’m doing (eating/working out) to stay committed for the 30 days. Here goes.

Day 0: Sunday

What did I eat today? Leftover pizza, bbq for mother’s day and a really tasty ice cream cake. (Yeah, starting right?)

Did I work out? No. See above.

How do I feel? Terrible and slightly hungover (damn you Mint Juleps!)

What am I looking forward to for tomorrow? This to begin!

Day 1: Monday

What did I eat today? eggs + avocado + chicken sausage. Tuna + avocado

Did I work out? Signed up for my first OTF session in a few weeks (post marathon)

How do I feel? Day 1 is in the bag… 30 days can’t be so bad, right?

What am I looking forward to for tomorrow? better meal prep. Sunday just destroyed me.

Good Luck at Ironman Boulder!

I hope everyone meets and exceeds their goals!

Good Luck RMTC

Training with Drunken Corn Cakes

I have been excited about trying to train with natural foods for awhile now, and then a guy I had a crush on told me about the book, Feed Zone Portables by Skratch Labs and I knew I had to buy it. My first cooking experiment were two different rice cakes, one savory (egg/bean/peppers) and one sweet (coconut milk, dark chocolate, jam) — both were tasty, and made a ton of training fuel in a batch, but they weren’t quite ideal (effect on my stomach was a little questionable), so I wanted to try something else.

My other attempt at Feed Zone Portables

My other attempt at Feed Zone Portables

For round two, I had a long ride up on the Boulder Ironman course with my triathlon club, so I was excited to try out the Sweet Corn Cakes.

However, a combination of happy hour (with a different guy — things with the crush didn’t pan out, but whatevs) and sunshine meant that I didn’t get to baking until after 4 beers and an Uber ride from downtown, so needless to say, baking happened a little differently than planned.

So, below is the recipe for KP’s Drunken Corn Cakes (as adapted from the Sweet Corn Cake Recipe in the book).


1 cup Masa Harina

1/4 cup sugar (book has raw sugar, I don’t have that on hand)

2 tbs flour (book has brown rice flour, again, I’m not quite that orgo)

1/4 tsp baking powder

1/4 ground cinnamon (I heavy handed this for extra sweetness)

dash of coarse salt

1 egg, lightly beaten

2 tbs melted butter

1 cup soy milk, heated

3 beers, preferably 5.0% ABV or greater.

Sweet Corn Cakes

Sweet Corn Cakes – Not my picture. Mine were all misshapen 🙂


Drink 2 beers quickly (optional step).

Brush a griddle lightly with oil and bring to medium-high heat

Combine dry ingredients in large bowl. Add egg & butter and combine well.

Heat soy milk for 90 seconds in the microwave. Quickly add to the bowl.

Let batter rest to thicken.

Drink 1 more beer (optional step).

Spoon batter onto griddle. Cook until golden brown, about 1-2 min per side.


I put 4 in a small ziploc and was able to carry 1 pack (good for 2 hours) in my bento box and one pack in my jersey. They were a great hit on the ride, so I’ve been making them weekly since. Each corn cake is ~135 calories, 5g fat, 40mg sodium, 21g carbs, 3g protein, and provides 47% water.

One of the coolest learnings I had from the book was that having more water content in your food can be a great benefit as you can only ingest so much ‘straight water’ on the rides so having additional water from the food can keep you hydrated.

I can’t wait to try something else!